Item storing case



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an item storing case which is superior for protection of a stored item, facilitating a taking-out of the item and showing a high-class appearance while its price is low. SOLUTION: There are provided a front lid 1a and a rear lid 1b cooperatively arranged at gussets 1c. A storing segment frame 2 having a shape which is substantially the same shape as an inner shape of the rear lid 1b and of material quality such as a foamed resin or the like having an opening 2a corresponding to at least one item is adhered to an inner side of the rear lid 1b. The storing segment frame 2 is formed with a fitting hole 2c. The item storing case is made such that a fitting protrusion 3 of material quality such as a foamed resin or the like fitted to the fitting hole 2c when the front lid 1a and the rear lid 1b are closed is adhered to an inner side of the front lid member 1a.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 収納された物品の保護に優れ、しかも物品の 取り出しが容易であり、安価でありながら高級感のある 物品収納ケースを提供する。 【解決手段】 マチ部1cに連設した表裏蓋体1a,1 bが設けられ、裏蓋体1bの内側に裏蓋体1bの内側形 状と略同等の形状であり、かつ少なくとも一つの物品に 対応する開口部2aが設けられた発泡樹脂体等の材質の 収納部枠体2が接着され、収納部枠体2に嵌合孔2cが 形成され、表裏蓋体1a,1bを閉じる際に、嵌合孔2 cに嵌合する発泡樹脂体等の材質による嵌合凸部3が表 蓋体1aの内側に貼着されている物品収納ケースであ る。




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